The colder the better for ski resorts in the Poconos.

Ski big bear in Masthope started cranking out snow yesterday and this cold snap could lead to the resorts earliest opening ever.  

It’s an early Christmas gift for Lori Phillips.

“Good morning from ski big bear where we are making snow. “

A cold weather blitz before thanksgiving.

“This is the earliest we have ever made snow in November. “

Ski big bear has been cranking out snow for the last 24 hours.

“We don’t know how long this weather pattern is going to last so we are taking advantage of it and making snow.

Phillips admits she was skeptical the temperatures would cooperate.

“We weren’t even ready to start making snow this fast, but we had to push it and get in gear to start making snow.

And her crews have been chomping at the bit to get the mountain covered.

“Making snow on warm ground isn’t always ideal, but we are making snow like crazy right now.

Phillips isn’t ready to predict when Ski Big Bear will open.

“Hopefully this will help us get open just a little earlier, but I can’t say that just yet. “

But if this cold snap continues, she’s confident it will be Big Bears earliest opening in history.

“This is an early Christmas present for us for sure. “

Phillips won’t rule opening before Thanksgiving, but calls the first week of December more realistic.