More than one week after Election Day, officials are still working to verify results in Carbon County, after issues with the new voting system.

Those canvassing efforts are continuing amid legal action prompted by county Republicans.

At Thursday's meeting, Carbon County commissioners fielded multiple questions about the county's progress. They say while the work is tedious, it is imperative election officials get the results right.

"They want to get it right. They want the electors and they want the candidates to know that the vote they certify is accurate and correct," said Carbon County solicitor, Dan Miscavige. 

Election officials are canvassing voting results after last-minute ballot changes caused a glitch in the new voting machines.

"They had to insert those two candidates in Lower Towamensing and Mahoning Township where they were missed, and when they did that, it caused problems with the cumulative totals," said Bill O'Gurek, who sits on both the county's Board of Commissioners and Board of Elections.

That led the election board to authorize the start of several different canvassing methods.

"Hand audit of the ballots is one procedure, the normal canvassing process that the Election Board takes is another one, then the third one is we asked Dominion to bring in a high-speed scanner," said O'Gurek.

Meanwhile, a complaint filed by members of the county GOP claims the county is not properly conducting what the plaintiffs say is essentially a recount. It says candidates were never notified about the count.

Commissioners say what is being done is not an official, court-ordered recount. 

"Did we notify them all individually? No, but we did advertise it as required by law publicly and gave them an opportunity to be there," said O'Gurek.

The complaint is threatening to stop the count.

"If it's stopped, and there are questions in my mind whether we got it right or not, you won't see this guy voting to certify any election totals until I'm sure," added O'Gurek.

The election board has 20 days from the time they started the hand count to complete it. They started this past Saturday, November 9th.

The board will give an update on its next steps at a public meeting set for 1:00 Monday afternoon.

A hearing on the county Republicans' complaint is scheduled for 9:00 Wednesday morning in Carbon County court.