Three suspects are charged in the 2017 death of a pizza delivery man. More evidence was presented during today's testimony.

The prosecution brought more expert witnesses. A medical professional spoke about Richard Labar's condition once he got to the hospital, evidence collected from the home of Carolina Carmona was then reviewed and shown to the jury.

The medical professional showed x-rays of Richard Labar's head and skull. BBs from a shotgun entered through LaBar's left eye which caused skull fractures. The defense asked if those fractures could have been caused at the hospital during surgery to which he was denied. State police then showed the evidence they collected from the hill street, East Stroudsburg home where Carolina Carmona and Israel Berrios allegedly ran back to. It's only a few blocks from where the shooting occurred.

Police found two pairs of shoes that were near perfect matches to footprints found at the scene. Not only did the shoes match the molds taken on scene, but the shoes belonging to Carmona had pizza sauce on the soles.She was wearing Nikes, and Berrios was wearing Jordans. Each brand is known for having unique and artistic soles which imprinted into the snow. Dominos Pizza boxes were also found underneath her bed, and even though they were delivered to the Army ROTC house on Normal Street, Carmona's Hill Street address was on the receipt attached to the boxes. Police also found a 4-10 gauge shotgun and a spent shell. Both the stock and barrel were sawed off, and each end was completely wrapped in electrical tape. Police still do not know who the registered owner of the shotgun is.

Trial will resume on Monday with more expert witnesses.