We’re learning more information about the fire that destroyed the Inn at Pocono Manor earlier this month.

The 911 Center is compiling a list of everyone who helped during the blaze.

And now officials are reflecting on the incident and what they could do better in the future.


The inferno that ripped through the Inn at Pocono Manor on November 1st is something officials in Monroe County have never seen before.

Pocono Township Assistant Fire Chief Bradley Harrison says, "I think we handled it well. Obviously there’s opportunity for improvement and definitely a learning experience because we’ve never dealt with something of that caliber before."

Emergency responders are now going over their actions taken and who responded. A list is being put together that shows the firefighters, police, medical services and community support including local businesses.

Harrison says, "The outpouring of support from the community from the people that live around Pocono Manor that came out and offered help, water, food, it was impressive."

Pocono Township Volunteer Firefighters were first on scene. They ended up calling for mutual aid from eight different counties. Right now the tally is a little over 100 departments that assisted.

Harrison says, "We want to say thank you, I mean the help was, we can’t say enough for everyone that came out."

But it was a struggle on a weekday getting that manpower there in the beginning. The county is now working on establishing automated responses.

Harrison says, "Just trying to get more departments involved from the initial dispatch for a major event like that."

Another struggle was water supply. And then dealing with one way in and out to the incident with the over 250 trucks involved.

Harrison says, "When we had to shut power off to the facility, the water pumps were part of that so we had to go to drafting out of some creeks nearby, some lakes in nearby developments.

And when it comes to Emergency Management and what they learned is that they need more equipment if a fire of that magnitude happens again. One thing would be for their Cascade Air System.

Director Bruce Henry says, "That we use to fill breathing apparatus for all of the firefighters and there are several different brands of air packs in use now. Some of them take different adapters that we didn’t have."

While no one got hurt fighting the flames, it’s estimated they lost 25 to 30 thousand dollars worth of equipment.

Henry says, "When they had an evacuation when the floor collapsed, they pulled everybody out so when that happens, you don’t take the time to disconnect your hoses, your nozzles and everything. You leave whatever tools you’re working with, you leave them right where they are and you get your people out."

We’re told that money will be covered by the resort’s insurance. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.