It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Lansford.

But one spot in town may not be as merry and bright this season.

"Why? Why vandalize something people take pride in? If you have no pride just leave it alone," said Laurie Lantosh of Lansford.

That's because vandals slashed more than a dozen strands of lights which usually hang in the trees of Kennedy Park.

Members of Lansford Alive tell News 13 the vandalism most likely happened after last Christmas, when the lights were turned off but not yet taken down.

The group just recently noticed the damage as it was getting ready to hang the lights for this holiday season.

"There were quite a few lights that seemed to be missing and some wires that were detached from the sockets," said Chris Ondrus, president of Lansford Alive.

It's disheartening news for residents who enjoy the dazzling display in town.

"I think it's a shame. people don't take pride anymore in this town. It's sad," said Kathy Macalush of Lansford.

"I mean you can be a part of it, you don't have to destroy it. You're more than welcome to come and share in the festivities," added Lantosh.

And it's frustrating for volunteers and workers who put the time in to decorate every year.

"It's a combined effort and it takes some time and it's upsetting when something like this happens when they were supposed to start decorating Kennedy Park this morning. We had to push it off," said Ondrus.

Kennedy Park is where Lansford Alive hosts its annual "Christmas in the Park."

With this year's event less than two weeks away, organizers are hoping they can get most of the lights fixed in time.

"We're gonna get the lights repaired. We won't be able to purchase new ones. We're hoping maybe we can have some sort of fundraiser and get donations so that after the Christmas season we can try to purchase them at a reduced cost," said Ondrus.

Members of Lansford Alive ask anyone who drives or walks by the park and sees something suspicious to report it to borough police.