Carbon County election officials believe they are close to being able to certify results of this year's races. 

The election board has been canvassing voting results with both a hand count audit and high-speed scanner after some issues with the new system. On Monday, the board said it is confident in the hand count that has re-tallied half of the precincts so far. The three members voted to fully stop the count at the end of the day Tuesday. 

"We're pretty confident that the numbers that we've seen after 27 districts are not going to change the results of the election and on Friday like I said I am prepared to entertain a motion to certify the numbers," said Bill O'Gurek. 

It's yet to be seen if the board's decision to end the hand count will affect the court hearing on a complaint filed by county Republicans over the audit. That hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, November 20th.