Seven people are locked up after taking a man hostage in a private Pike County community.

Five men and a pair of women are charged with assault, robbery, kidnapping and terrorism and more charges for what police are calling an attempted takeover of Pine Ridge.

It was schemed up to play out like the perfect heist-movie according to state police.

“Tonia fully believed she was indigenous, native to the land and she believed that Pine Ridge community was hers.”

State Trooper, Bob Urban, says seven people, five heavily armed, staged a hostile takeover of the Pine Ridge private community near Bushkill around 1 yesterday afternoon.

“It was a team she thought could get in there and be her security once she took the place over. “

Police label, resident Tonia Scott the ringleader. She claimed the land was rightfully hers and brought in a crew to take it back

 “Tonia was the one that got together the people who believed the story that she was claiming. “

Scott’s accomplices include Sekou Rashid-Abdullah, Keeba Harris, Sushane Steron Adams-Heylinger, Musa Abdur-Rahim, Adam Abdur Rahim, and Troy Sutton.  

“The whole intent was to get into the community, get the security and try to overtake it so it could be their own. “

Urban says the five men had guns when they smashed their way into the clubhouse building inside the community. Taking one of the guards hostage, while the women waited outside in the getaway cars.

“We had numerous serious offenses that happened yesterday everything ranging from terrorism, kidnapping, burglary, and robbery. "

Once police arrived, Two of the men stole vehicles to escape, but they were quickly rounded up along with the other accomplices.

"It was quite the situation yesterday and it could have been bad, but thankfully it didn't go that way. "

All seven people involved are locked up in the Pike County Jail without bail.