A team effort prevents a murder-suicide in Monroe County.

Police in two states and a gun shop owner went above and beyond when they were alerted of a suicidal mother with her baby.

It started when a New York police officer contacted the shop on Route 611 in Scotrun that the woman might be on her way there to purchase a gun.

The owner tells us luckily the pieces fell into place. But it could’ve been a much different outcome.

Pocono Mountain Firemans Owner Michael Conforti says, "I would rather have egg on my face for getting caught up in an elaborate hoax than being red in my face and having people accusing me of inadvertently being involved in a murder-suicide."

Conforti originally thought a warning that a suicidal woman and her baby might be on their way to his shop was a hoax. The call came in Friday from a New York Police Officer.

Conforti says, "She just threw out that she was an officer with NYPD, it didn’t hold any credence and the other thing that bothered me, she said we have an Amber Alert out on this woman, which there wasn’t one."

Pocono Township Police tell us the New York Officer was trying to find the mother after she sent text messages to her family that she was planning on killing herself and her daughter. It was discovered she was on her way to her hometown of Tannersville so the officer started calling local gun shops. Conforti then received another call saying she was driving an orange Hyundai Tucson which he discovered was in his lot.

Conforti says, "The woman then came back in and all she did was pop her head in and I quote, are children not allowed in here."

The woman then brought the baby in and sat down. Conforti still didn’t know if the calls were coming from real officers.

Conforti says, " I get another phone call, now it’s a guy claiming he’s a captain. I said you know what I’m done with this. I want your name, you phone number and I will have someone call 911."

But there were red flags.

Conforti says, "When she was filling out the paperwork, she constantly kept putting her head in her hands. She had this look on her face that she was very distraught. But what was really strange was that she wasn’t paying attention to this baby at all and this was a great baby. Oh my goodness, this baby was just responsive, cooing, smiling and we’re all enamored with the baby and she’s not."

Pocono Township Police Officers and an ambulance then arrived while the owner was delaying processing the paperwork. Conforti says hats off to the officers because they handled the woman with great care.

Pocono Township Police Sergeant Shawn Goucher says, "Brought the victim outside along with her young infant and spoke to her. She advised that she was looking to harm herself. Advised her that we were here to help her."

The woman did agree to go for an evaluation. Sergeant Goucher tells us everyone involved went above and beyond because they were all determined to help someone.