More than 400 needy families in Monroe County are now feeling thankful this holiday. Today the Salvation Army in East Stroudsburg held its annual Thanksgiving food distribution.

The families received all the fixings for their meal next Thursday.

East Stroudsburg Resident Natalie Vazquez says, "It’s a great blessing because I’m a single mom of three kids and I work very hard so anything that can help me stay afloat is really great."

Vazquez is thankful for Monroe County’s Salavation Army. She no longer has to worry about Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey and all of the trimmings are being loaded into her vehicle. We’re told the clients started lining up for the annual food distribution early this morning on Washington Street.

Commanding Officer Major Gilbert Parkhurst says, "Our distribution was scheduled to start at 10. We had a line here around 8 o’clock and so we decided, our volunteers were ready so we started a little bit early today."

Students from area school districts and East Stroudsburg University, along with employees from various businesses all showed up to lend a hand today. One group was the National Junior Honor Society from JT Lambert Intermediate School.

National Jr. Honor Society Vice President McKenna Timpson says, "National Honor Society is all about helping your community and giving back to the people in your community so we wanted to help the people in need."

The East Stroudsburg School District also donated 175 turkeys which greatly helped out serving the increased number of families. Over 400 preregistered.

Because of the extra 100 families, this is the first year they actually have two distribution lines going so that they can make everything flow a little quicker.

Vazquez says, "Waited like an hour in the past in line and this one is a lot smoother, it was like a 10-15 minute wait."

The shorter wait time was made possible because of all the volunteers that came out and Vazquez really appreciates them giving their time.

Vazquez says, "My boss is already, ‘Natalie back to work.’ So yeah it does help."

The Salvation Army will now be gearing up for it’s Christmas food distribution next month.