Lloyd Musick of Summit Hill was struck and killed Tuesday night in Lehigh County as he was assisting another person involved in a crash. His family will remember him as a hero who was being a good samaritan in a time of need.

The past 48 hours have been completely devastating for this family. Lloyd musick was a husband, father, and grand father among many other things. His family is still processing what happened - figuring out how they will move on.

"We did everything together, and it was just ripped from me. And I'm very, very heartbroken. And I'm just so out of tears." said Lloyd Musick's son Branbon.

Lloyd was on his way to pick up his son from CDL training at Lehigh Carbon Community College in Schnecksville. Half way there he came up on a rolled over pickup truck Tuesday night and went to help the person in need. Shortly after, a minivan struck Lloyd and two others who were doing what they felt was right. The family had a bad feeling something was wrong before police called. The crash happened around 5:30, but his daughter Kaitlyn says the family didn't know exactly what happened until after 8.

"I kind of knew he was gone before I got that phone call." She said, "Just because I know my dad. And when he wasn't picking up, you know?"

Lloyd was active in the lives of his family. His son is going for his CDL because it's what his father did.

"He was my best friend, my mentor," Brandon said, "He taught me everything I know."

Lloyd's son doesn't hold any ill-will towards the driver who struck his father, but he does hope justice is served, if there's any to serve at all.

"I can't say I hate the person." He said, "I'm very upset. I'm mad about it. It could've went down a different way. I'm going to do the best to help my mom and my sister. And I really feel something should be done."

Kaitlyn says he was also incredible as a grandfather to her daughter, and was always there for his loved ones.

"He would do anything for me my brother, and my mom. Anything. That's just who he was." she said.

Lloyd was a Times News delivery driver and a volunteer at the Dilligence Fire Company in Summit Hill, and he loved helping neighbors and friends fix their cars. Hundreds of people have been reaching out to the family giving their love and support. They had no idea how many lives Lloyd touched.

"It's funny because I knew my dad was a friendly person, but I had no idea he knew this many people." she said, "But it makes sense."

The GoFundMe page has been wildly successful raising over 14,000 dollars for Lloyd's funeral. His son Brandon will be taking his CDL test tomorrow, and has no doubt he will pass with the help of his father's spirit.