With Thanksgiving just days away, Monroe county students are stepping up to give back. The Peasant Valley High School Social Studies Club is helping ensure families have more than canned goods this Thursday. 

They've donated 40 turkeys with all the fixings to the Pleasant Valley Ecumenical Network. The turkeys were dropped off at the school over the last eight days and collected by the Social Studies Club. This is coming at a time where the need is growing greater in the West End region.

"At PVEN, our clientele is up 21% from last year. So whereas we assisted 305 families last year, this year it's about 360. So those 40 turkeys are going to go a long way," said Hope Christman. 

Students say the Thanksgiving food drive is just the right thing to do. 

"There are people in this world that need our help, that need a large group of people to come together as a collective unit and help those in need. And we care about our community. We care about those who need our help. And we just want to help. We want to give back," said Senior Giovanni Marini. 

It took the students about two weeks of preparation before they started collecting the food.