Teachers are learning new ways to inspire their students about biology.

The East Stroudsburg High School South teachers have teamed up with the Monroe County Conservation District to hold field trips in the outdoors.

Environmental Education Coordinator Roger Spotts of the Monroe County Conservation District says, "They don’t get outside very much at all, everything is video or from a textbook. This gives them the opportunity to get out, know their backyard."

Spotts is talking about 10th graders from East Stroudsburg High School South. For about five years they’ve been going on a field trip thanks to their science teachers partnering with the District.

East Stroudsburg High School South Science Teacher Christine Goida says, "We actually have the students walk behind the school building to the local Brodhead Creek branch so they get to see the tributary, there is the Sambo Creek and then they get to actually get into the Brodhead Creek."

Today the educators got together to upgrade the field trip activities to get the kids even more involved and hands on.

Goida says, "We started because we wanted to support students as they were moving toward the standardized test, the Keystone Exam, for biology but it has really grown. We have students peaking career interest. We have students not realizing that this is in their backyard or not understanding what kinds of trees exist or animals exist."

One new way is a rainfall simulator which shows what happens to the water when the rain hits different land surfaces.

Spotts says, "Some of the things the water falls on like a pile of dirt is going pollute the water downstream, whereas if it falls on a grassy field or a vegetated area, it’s going to be buffered so the pollution will not be as bad for the creek."

The more things that the students can easily see, the better they’ll be able to learn.

Spotts says, "They can stand there and very quickly see ok I understand now why we need trees along the bank of a stream or why we just can’t cut down everything and all the dirt runs in the water."

The Conversation District is looking to expand the field trip program with other high schools in the county.