A family escapes from their burning home in Monroe County's West End.

Flames broke out early this morning in Chestnuthill Township.

We’re told the fire started in the garage but quickly spread throughout the home located in Longwoods Estate.

Disaster Program Specialist Donnell Riley of the American Red Cross Pocono Mountains Chapter says, "Obviously they’re going through a little pain and they’re still in shock, but they’re doing the best that they can with the tools and the help that they have available to them."

We found Riley of the American Red Cross of the Poconos this morning trying to find two cats lost after a fire ripped through a home on Ridge Court in Longwood Estates. Luckily the family made it out ok along with their four dogs.

Riley says, "The owner of the home, she said that her four month old puppy woke her up and then the alarms went off."

Firefighters were called just before 4AM and arrived to a fully involved home.

Neighbor Tina Ragusa says, "It’s sad, it’s really sad and I’m stuck by the window and I see the flames, they were wild."

We’re told the fire started in the garage. Four departments responded and the Red Cross of the Poconos was called to help the family of four adults and one child have a place to stay and other necessities like clothing. Riley tells us it’s really difficult to see a family loose everything and right after a holiday makes it worse.

Riley says, "It kind of tugs at your heart, especially when you come here and you don’t expect to see the amount of damage and loss and especially after a holiday where you want to spend time with your family and you just don’t have it now."

If you would like to help the family or any family affected by a fire just contact the Pocono Mountains Chapter. The Red Cross can always use volunteers and donations. Firefighters were unable to find a cause for the fire at this time.