Back on September 23rd, police were called to a Kempton home for an eight year old boy and his four year old sister hanging in their basement. Their mother, Lisa Snyder, told police the eight year old committed suicide and took his sibling with him.

But police say they have evidence suggesting the mother is responsible for the death of her son Conner and her daughter Brinley.

When she was taken into custody around nine this morning, we're told the mother showed absolutely no emotions. Lisa Snyder claims her son, Conner, was being bullied at school and had suicidal thoughts. She told police she came upon her children hanging from an I-beam in the basement after they went downstairs to build a fort. But police say 8 year old Conner never showed any signs of depression or suicidal tendencies. In fact, quite the opposite.

"The only person that ever indicated that someone was bullied, that being Conner, was the defendant." said Berks County DA John Adams.

He filed nine charges against Lisa Snyder including first and third degree murder for allegedly killing her eight year old son Conner and four year old daughter Brinley in their Kempton home. Snyder told police her son complained of being bullied, but police have found zero evidence from school officials that is true. Even the video of Conner getting off the bus shows him smiling.

"The video showed no signs that Conner was in any distress whatsoever. In fact, from the video he appeared to be a happy child." Adams said.

Snyder told police her son took two chairs and a dog lead downstairs to play fort with his sister and that's when it happened, but an occupational therapist told police Conner didn't have the dexterity or physical strength to wrap a dog lead around an I-beam and hang himself and his sister. When police seized multiple cellular devices, they found strange search results on a google account linked to Lisa Snyder's Facebook

He said, "'Carbon monoxide in a car, how long to die.' September 20th, 'Almost got away with it: best episodes.' September 22nd. Hanging yourself.'"

Police are not sure how she would have gotten her children up in a hanging position. There are no signs at the moment of drugging or force. But the 250 pound test lead was just purchased.

"This dog lead cable had been ordered by the defendant the day before on September 22nd." DA Adams said.

Subsuquently, when they seized Lisa Snyder's cellphone, they also found photos of the family dog performing oral sex on her which resulted in animal cruelty charges. No date has yet been set for Snyder's preliminary hearing. DA Adams says they are looking to see if capital punishment - the death penalty, is appropriate. Snyder is still maintaining her innocence.