State Auditor General Eugene DePasquale is making sure everyone who plays the lottery is winning and losing fairly.

A multi-state lottery scam from two years has prompted DePasquale to look into our own lottery system.

The lottery is run by the Department of Revenue and there is concern of possible fraud. Last year, the lottery brought in 4.5 billion dollars with 2.9 billion in payouts. And because the lottery benefits so many older Pennsylvanians with home and community based programs, he wants to make sure it's all on track.

"This audit will include a review of frequent lottery winners and explore if the Pennsylvania lottery is doing enough to prevent fraud by winners and retailers." said Auditor General Eugene DePasquale.

He is conducting a performance audit to make sure everything is running smoothly. A report from two years ago showed a multi-state lottery scam paid out to people who were winning too often. DePasquale did not say any of these winners were from Pennsylvania.

He said in a press conference, "The report found numerous individuals with repeated wins that seemed to defy the odds including many expert statisticians."

Lottery officials have told DePasquale they are doing everything they can to make sure top winners and retailers cannot rig the system, but DePasquale is looking into it himself to make certain of it. If he finds any illegal activity, he wants those people to be criminally punished.

"If players and retailers are committing fraud, the Pennsylvania lottery has a duty to catch them and take action." DePasquale continued, "And inform appropriate law enforcement offices so if anyone is doing that, those individuals can be held appropriately accountable."

DePasquale is also looking into a 900,000 dollar sexual harassment settlement within the department of revenue which was allegedly paid out with taxpayer dollars.