A veterans post in Pike County needs money to make its building accessible by all.

Most of the members of the American Legion in Milford are seniors.

And without handicapped bathrooms in the facility less and less veterans are showing up.

It’s been a struggle for Connie Harvey to raise money since taking over as commander of the Milford American Legion.

“We haven’t been in touch with the community as much as we have liked to the last couple of years. “

Harvey puts the blame on the old regime, but since taking over in August, she’s made drastic changes.

“A lot of the younger veterans are stepping up, a lot of them are helping the older veterans and making this place run better. “

One of her goals since taking the helm is making the bathrooms handicapped accessible.

“It’s been a struggle to watch these guys come in and not be able to come to the bathroom. “

The legion is made up of mostly seniors, and less and less are showing up because of accessibility issues.

“Some of the people in wheelchairs they can’t even get in those bathrooms, they can barely get in these ones.

Theresa Freeman calls the restroom situation disgraceful.

“It’s been horrible. I’ve worked here 22 years and there has never been heat or air conditioning in that bathroom.

But Harvey’s making strides. She raised 4-thousand dollars to have a new pressure tank and water filtration system installed.

“I honestly didn’t think we were going to get this kind of response, especially the last six weeks now and that is just with donations coming in. “

However, it’s still not nearly enough to get the job done. And Harvey hopes the community rallies together to help out.

“We have the volunteers, we have the people who want to do it, but we just don’t have the funding for this. “

Harvey says it will cost about 20-thousand dollars to finish the work. Money can donated to the Milford American Legion