The proposed 2020 Carbon County budget includes a two mill increase. Commissioners say costs are going up all around, and they can't keep up with it.

It's about a 47 million dollar budget, but that number is not as large as it seems. Commissioner Wayne Nothstein said the budget is pretty bare bones as it is, and making cuts would be removing vital services or programs..

"Things we cannot control. A lot of these things are way beyond our control." said Commissioner Nothstein.

The operating costs for the county government are high and going up. With annual raises and overtime pay, about 15 of the 47 million dollar budget is for employee salaries, and another 6 million for benefits. Other services the county uses are more expensive by the year, and some income has gone down.

"Insurance increases have gone up," Nothstein said, "We're projecting a 200,000 dollar loss in revenues due to collections mostly."

Everything is costing more. One example Nothstein pointed out is the increase cost of the prison. Inmates are needing medical attention more frequently, and the officers who monitor them have to be paid overtime..

He said, "Almost monthly or almost weekly we're transferring funds from contingency into the medical fund at the prison because of hospitalization and issues there."

Commissioners did not say when they will be voting to approve the proposed 2020 budget.