The Tobyhanna Army Depot has an all new state of the art facility for testing communications equipment. The building will give engineers a chance to work on satellite equipment, without having to deal with unpredictable weather.

Since beginning to repair (STT) Satellite Transportable Terminals that are used for solider communication on the battle field. The depot has had to work through the elements because of the size of the units. With the new Radome they won’t have to.

“One of the struggles we have here in Pennsylvania is obviously the weather, the ice the snow we deal with on a regular basis,“ said Chief of the tactical satellite branch, John Scott. 

In the past the weather is something that slowed down the process of technicians and engineers, attempting to work on the terminals. When they are to hot or cold they provide inaccurate readings. 

“A lot of times you don’t know if it’s an actual problem with the equipment, or if it’s just due to not being at the proper operating temperature,” added Scott.