An arrest is made in the deadly shooting in Monroe County’s West End.

A Northampton County woman is in custody but three others are still at large.

It happened in Chestnuthill Township Wednesday night.

Today we learned the incident was a result of a drug deal initiated on social media that went horribly wrong. And people we spoke with today are having a hard time understanding why this happened.

Kunkletown Resident Monica Ezzell says, "It’s a shame that drugs are taking over and that people are getting killed over a simple thing as marijuana."

22-year-old Deani Powell of Easton is charged with homicide, robbery and aggravated assault. According to court paperwork, Powell was supposed to buy marijuana but she admitted to devising a plan along with two others only known to her as "Flex and Pop" to rob 22-year-old Dylan Beinert instead. They started talking to Beinert on Tinder and Snapchat. Wednesday night they met at his home on Silver Maple Road in the Sun Valley Community. 

Ezzell says, "With those Apps now you have to be careful because you don’t know who you’re talking to, it’s not face to face like it use to be."

Police say Powell admitted to going inside and then messaging Flex there was marijuana. She goes back outside and Pop and Flex run in with masks on along with a third unidentified black man in a hoodie. According to Beinert’s friend, who was inside at the time, a struggle ensued between Beinert, one of his roommates and one of the masked men with a long gun. Two gunshots went off hitting both victims. Beinert was unresponsive. 

Jonas Resident Nicholle Febbo says, "We’re use to seeing that other places and finally something like that hit home so it’s tragic and it’s a big reality check for all of us.

The gunman took items from the home including jars filled with marijuana. Once outside the friend, two roommates and the father of the injured roommate were instructed to lay facedown. Police say the hooded man then shot the one roommate again. His father yelled and the hooded man shot him too. They then fled in a white vehicle and in an SUV.

Carbon County Resident John Andreychak says, "This area is quiet, it’s calm, it’s unpredictable but in today’s world it can happen right where we’re standing."

Beinert’s sister says in a social media post that he died for no reason. They were both administrators of the Facebook page "Monroe County PA Lost Pets." She says he loved being a part of the group and asks everyone to donate to a rescue of their choice or Hound Hunters in his name.

Febbo says, "As a community we need to pull together and definitely rally behind being against drugs."

Powell is in the Monroe County Jail awaiting her preliminary hearing and the other three have not been charged. Police say the investigation is ongoing and want to remind everyone this is an isolated incident.