You might not be able to tell, but The Hofford Mill in Weissport is getting ready to become one of carbon counties hot spots... This Sunday the public will have a chance to try out the new multidimensional recreation complex. We spoke with Kathryn McEvilly, CEO and Partner of The Hofford Mill. "We have a bar offering pa wine, beer and spirits, we have a restaurant, we have a coffee shop which is called uncommon grounds, we have ax throwing from throw house, out of Philadelphia, and we have a 16 to 18 bed hostel."

The Hofford Mill launch party will be from 1 to 5 on Sunday. The plan is to be open and fully operational in January. "Basically people can come and get a sampling all the things going on. So I'm going to have a food from our full menu that will be launched in January. You'll get to do 20 minutes hands on ax throwing." says McEvilly.

This could mean good things for the local economy, especially in Weissport, a town not often thought of for entertaining. We spoke with Kathy Henderson of the Carbon Chamber & Economic Development, and she says this could mean big things for Weissport. "It could mean a lot for Weissport. I think people don't fully realize how much it's going to bring into Weissport and how much of an effect it would have on other people that might want to open a business in Weissport."

The complex used to produce lumber, textile, and silk. For the past 20 years McEvilly's family has run The Hofford Mill, and Tommy's Restaurant Equipment, but for a few years it's been transforming. McEvilly tells us "This back here was almost pitch black. All the windows were boarded up, painted over. It was super cold back here, always leaking. It was not a place anyone would want to spend five minutes in. So now people walk in and go oh my god."

 So remember this Sunday from 1 to 5 you can come down to The Hofford Mill and check out all the cool stuff they have going on. For more information, and to reserve a ticket for this Sunday, you can visit