A seven year old medical company is growing so fast in the Lehigh Valley they need a major expansion. Tyber Medical moved to Hanover Township four years ago. They make screws, pins, and plates used in surgery to help heal broken bones.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held today for their new eight million dollar manufacturing facility.

Tyber Medical started with a group of four people including a husband and wife, and now they're about to become over 100 employees strong. This company has just added 35-thousand square feet to keep up with their demand. This addition will quadruple their output to two millions units per year.

"These are for people that have maybe had back surgery, herniated disk, if you need to replace that disk and try to get a fusion. We make everything down to basic bone screws that go into your foot and ankle or maybe a hand or wrist." said President and CEO Jeff Tyber.

Have a pin in your wrist or a screw in your foot? Maybe a replacement disk in your spine? Jeff Tyber's company makes these parts. They're responsible for the health and recovery for a lot of people with broken bones, and it's highly likely St. Lukes or Lehigh Valley Health Network hospitals are using them.

He said, "We do have products that are sold throughout Pennsylvania, the United States, and the world."

A lot of the manufacturing is done on site, and there soon will be even more - from CNC presses to sandblasting. The Lehigh Valley has a growing manufacturing base that Don Cunningham said is seeing more life sciences work.

"We're the 50th largest manufacturing center in the US. And life sciences, medical manufacturing is a growing part of that." Cunningham said, "And Tyber's a great success story. They came here four years ago with just four employees and they'll be pushing 130 in no time. And making their product here."

And none of this is possible without the help of local and state government. Dennis Davin from governor wolf's office says the low interest loans they provide for equipment purchases are helpful, but don't mean anything if the area isn't flourishing with the proper personnel to hire.

"One thing that everybody has to realize is that company's are only going to go to places where there is talent. Where there is a lot of talent that they can choose from. The lehigh valley has that talent with all the great universities." Davin said.

And to appreciate all the talented men and women who are making this company go global, Jeff Tyber called out and thanked each and every person individually for their hard work before a company wide ribbon cutting.

"Our employees are really kind of the heart and soul of our business. And it's neat to see the professional growth and development of everybody from the individual that takes care of the facilities." Tyber went on, "To the person inspecting our parts, to the engineer that's actually designing and developing the products that we are selling today."

The company currently has 86 employees, and they will be hiring about 40 more people in the next six months.