New jobs and services could be coming to Pike County in the New Year.

Economic Leaders are working closely to bring a new green facility to Shohola Township.

Economic officials can’t reveal the type of business because of a strict non-disclosure agreement.

Mike Sullivan’s fed up watching potential jobs slip away in Pike County because of regulations.

“It’s really been a problem for us. “

The county is made up of mostly wetlands, gamelands and streams. Those regulations cripple development.

“It’s unnecessary, there is no reason you can’t study the environmental impact of a project and it taking this long.

Sullivan references a big deal for a hydrogen plant that just fell through. He points out it could have brought hundreds of new jobs to the area.

“The problem was there was a fraction of table salt that it emitted, one quarter per one – millionth and that killed this project. “

But Sullivan has a new project in the works that he calls groundbreaking.

“We can’t operate as a commonwealth, as a state or even a municipality without these services. “

Sullivan won’t say much, but tells us it’s an eco-friendly facility, about 7-thousand square feet that would bring new services along with jobs to the area.

“He has his down payment and he’s ready to come over here, but I want to make sure he can do it in a timely manner. “

Bob Pierce has been working closely with Sullivan on securing this deal.

“It means jobs and it also means breaking the ice. “

Pierce calls this potential deal critical - letting others know Pike County is business friendly.

“Absolutely that we are open for business.

But time is important – and Pierce explains waiting 18 months to get approvals is unacceptable.

“We don’t mind the regulations, but the regulators need to stop holding us up or we have no business. We will have lots of trees, and squirrels, but we won’t have jobs. “

Sullivan expects to have the deal done by early 2020.