Casting a ballot for upcoming elections is about to become much more convenient.

Pennsylvania's elections agency provided guidance to county officials about the state's new law allowing people to vote early by mail .

The new law, signed in October, takes effect starting with this year's April primary. News 1

It’s a step in the right direction for Nadine Manzoni.

“This really makes voting a lot easier and a lot more accessible to everyone. “

The new law, signed in October, takes effect starting with this year’s April 28th primary. 

“This idea is to make voting more accessible and drive up voter participation. “

Manzoni explains presidential elections draw big numbers, but those drop significantly for municipal election.

“So most of the time during these municipal elections you have people being governed by officials they didn’t even vote for so this we hope drives up voter turnout. “

The state had previously restricted mail-in ballots to absentee voters who qualified because they met a set of reasons.

“They had an illness, they had a disability or they had to be out of the municipality on that given day. “

But Manzoni points out the mail-in ballots allow everyone to vote early.

“No more dragging the kids to the polls trying to line up a ride, a lot of elderly people don’t drive either so this is really a great option for them. “

County officials expect the mail in ballots to reduce headaches for poll workers.

“And a lot of times these people don’t have the time to spend all day on line so this is going to help remove that stress. “

And for Commissioner, Matt Osterberg- the mail-in option wipes out any excuses for people not to vote.

“To be able to do this at their leisure as opposed to worrying about how they are going to get to a polling place for a general or municipal election. “

Voters still need to apply for the ballot which can be done in person or online at Online applications will be available starting on Friday.