Four East Stroudsburg University football players are accused of vandalizing decorative snowmen on Main street. Officials say the men turned themselves in. The news of snowman’s decapitation also affected some Stroudsburg residents. Tuesday News13 spoke with people on main street to see how they felt .

“I’m sure they’re sorry about it, hope it never happens again. I’m sure their parents are making sure it doesn’t happen, it’s not reflective at all of the community,” said Greg Stanford.

“I personally would say community service should be a part of it, just because it’s a community project. So it brought the community together it’ll also kind of save face for them if they were to do community service,” said Tom Cechak

Although a terrible thing the players did. Jody Singer says their actions helped put a spotlight on the arts community. 

“It got a lot of people to really love them, love what we’re doing in our town, love the creativeness that’s happening, love all this art and fun things were doing in downtown over the past few years,” said Singer.