Two people were hospitalized Monday night after a bizarre accident in a Coaldale housing development.

First responders were called to a parking lot inside the Schuylkill County Housing Authority's Coaldale Development on East Ridge Street around 5:30 in the evening.

That's where they found a middle-aged woman and her father who had somehow been hit by a van.

News 13 spoke with a resident who saw the scary situation unfold.

"There were two police, a helicopter, a fire truck, and two ambulances," said Torie Smith, who lives in the community. "[I heard] just screaming and I heard a loud bang and that was it."

The woman and her father were outside in one of the parking lots of the development when they were hit. Smith says the vehicle then rolled across the street.

"Went over the curb, hit that mailbox and went almost into the townhouses there," said Smith.

Police remain tight-lipped on what exactly caused the accident as they continue to investigate.

It's not yet known whether or not there was a driver inside the van. 

Witnesses say the father-daughter pair was maneuvering a mattress either in or out of that vehicle when they were struck.

The woman was flown to a trauma center and her father was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Police did not have an update on either of the victims' injuries on Tuesday.

The investigation is expected to wrap up in the next few days.