Students from Carbon County 4-H are celebrating a big win at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. 

It's the first time Carbon County has sent a potato judging team in nearly 20 years to the farm show.  The A team brought home first place out of 13 teams from across the state. The 4-H leader says the students practiced since November to learn all about identifying the different kinds of defect a potato can have. 

"there are 20 defects a potato can have. The kids have to practice to identify what those defects are then on the grading table they put out 100 potatoes and you go down the line and determine which are US number one potatoes and which are not," said Kristin Simmons. 

The B team also came home with a win as well,  placing 4th out of 22 teams The group celebrated the accomplishments with a pizza party Monday night.