As older residents get closer to retirement, they might be thinking about moving. A national survey ranks Pennsylvania as the 13th best state to settle down in after your working days are over, but people who are already retired here say that ranking is pretty low. uses three different factors which got us to 13th overall for retiring seniors. Others who are either already retired or close to it say this is a great state to be in. One man argues PA should be at the very top.

"It's the number one place best in the world to retire." said George Maness.

Maness grew up in Montana and has lived in Idaho, Washington, Texas, and New York City but now he lives on West Broadway in Jim Thorpe.

"As a retired New York City architect, I like the historic buildings and all these houses.' Maness said, "they're really old. 150, 200 year old buildings."

The ranking is based on affordability, quality of life, and healthcare. Affordability and healthcare are ranked 29 and 27 in the United States, but quality of life for seniors here in Pennsylvania is ranked third overall.

"We see a lot of folks have worked here in Carbon County or were just a little bit outside, but have come here to visit that love it so much they buy that house in the Poconos. They retire here. There's so much happening." said Alice Wanamaker from the Carbon Chamber.

It's no surprise to Wanamaker why older Americans are moving to PA as the quality of life is only getting better. Marj Federanich from Palmerton agrees and said having big destinations so close to home is a plus.

"We are very close to Washington D.C. We're very close to New York City." She said, "Being able to drive to those places and do things there. It's just a good location"

Other states around us include Delaware at six, Virgina at seven. New Jersey is way down there at 47. And go figure. Florida is number one.