The mother of the 11 year boy tells News13 her son was bullied and tackled by another student when he hit his head on the tile floor. He was then taken to the hospital. 

Just to clarify, this is a separate incident from the alleged hazing in the middle school.

This 11 year old student suffered from a skull fracture, a brain bleed, and a concussion on November 25th. His mother says her son hasn't been the same since.

"I couldn't imagine it. A child being so young and having to go through that and not knowing what's going on." said Jessica Wagner.

Wagner's son Gabriel had a run in with a bully and ended up in the hospital. She said a student who has bullied others before attacked her son.

"And the one kid grabbed a hold of him and tackled him to the floor in the bathroom hitting the back of his head" Wagner said.

When Gabriel went to the nurses office, she asked him questions like what the date was and who the president is. He could not answer any of them.

She said, "When she asked him where he was - she told him that he was at school, and he thought he was at home."

Wagner said other parents have reached out to her about the same student bullying their child - hurting them just three weeks before. Wagner said the student has been removed from the same classes as her son, but hopes further measures are being taken.

"I would never want anything to happen to another student or for another parent to have to get that call that I got." Wagner said.

Lehighton School Superintendent Jonathan Cleaver has not returned our message for a statement on the matter, but we will air the district's response if one is issued to us.