Volunteers across the country were out Wednesday night conducting the 2020 Point in Time count.

It's a nationwide effort to quantify America's homelessness problem.

"It's a hard journey. There's no help out there, there was no place for me to call, nobody was there to help," said Yvonne.

News 13 has shared Yvonne's story before. Less than a year ago, she was homeless, living inside the Carbon Plaza Mall.

"It was really hard. I was trying to do it on my own. At the same token, I knew at that point where I couldn't walk where I had to ask for help but I was so hesitant," said Yvonne.

She was eventually put into contact with volunteers who helped her get back on her feet. Her story sparked the creation of the Carbon County Homelessness Task Force.

"Since the Homelessness Task Force has been established we've found many, many more people who have been homeless," said Father Allen Hoffa, pastor of St. Joseph's Parish of the Panther Valley.

On Wednesday night, Yvonne and dozens of other volunteers were at the American Fire Company in Lansford, serving a community meal to others in need.

"I love it. It's the best part of the whole thing. Going through the experience, it was worth it to see how people actually live like that too," said Yvonne.

The meal was one of several held throughout Carbon County in conjunction with the 2020 Point in Time homeless count.

"It's an opportunity for HUD to get the necessary understanding of homelessness in every area and every county so that reflects the amount of federal dollars we get to be able to help the homeless," said Father Hoffa.

Every year, the count is held overnight in communities throughout the nation. Several groups including the Task Force, Family Promise and the Carbon County Action Committee helped in Carbon County.

"There's just so many good people of good will out there who want to be able to help these folks but getting them all together was the issue. Now we've been able to bring them all together, we've learned a ton of things and we've also been able to help a bunch of people," said Father Hoffa.

The Action Committee has until mid-February to submit findings from this year's count to HUD.