An American flag in Towamensing Township is flying pretty once again. 

Just a few days ago, the flag outside of the volunteer fire company was torn, tattered and wrapped around a cell tower. That changed on Thursday morning with a replacement flag.  Letting the new red, white and blue fly free. 

Residents spoke up about the tattered flag to supervisors. Township officials urged residents to contact the company who owns the tower about their concerns.

Officials from Crown Castle tell News 13 the repairs required a special crane and various approvals before work to replace the flag could be done. The calls of concern prompted Crown Castle officials to expedite the repairs.

Sharp bolts on the tower mixed with winds are the cause of the tearing.  Officials say they've tried rubber caps, and liquid rubber sealants to amend the issue with no avail. They are still working to find a long-term solution to keep the flag from wearing.

Crown Castle also tells News 13 they apologize to residents over the condition of that American flag.