A food pantry that serves both Pike and Monroe Counties is one step closer to having a new home.

Lehman Township has allowed Bushkill outreach to operate from a building in their community park since 2019.

But the Outreach could soon have a new and bigger home.

The Outreach was priced-out of its old location at the Dutch Reformed Church on Route 209, but Lehman Township has let them use space at the community park rent-free.  But now supervisors are planning to build a new pantry and senior center.

Joe Ballestrieri credits Lehman Township for saving the Bushkill Food Pantry.

““ They did a great thing for us and we are very thankful”

When the Outreach couldn’t afford to stay at the Dutch Reformed Church, A space they called home for more than two decades

 Lehman Township allowed them to use their community park – rent free.

“Lehman Township has been great. We couldn’t ask for anymore from those guys

But unlike the large space at the church, these quarters are a little cramped.

“It’s a little tighter here. A little tighter.”

Rohner’s been working on securing grant funding to build a new space for the pantry along with a senior center.

“The thing about being in the park is its cramped and it’s not convenient for the people who have to use it. “

Lehman Township was recently awarded 165K dollars in LSA grants and more is pending -  Most notably – 3 million from the USDA that would go toward construction.

“We are still waiting on grants from the USDA and once that money comes in any funding we get should offset the costs from the USDA and construction should start in the spring.”

And Ballestrieri’s excited for a permanent home and a chance to better serve the community.

“It would just help us serve the public better with more room and more space. “

Rohener says he expects the new food pantry and senior center to be finished by Spring of 2021.