Love is in the air in Monroe County.

And businesses are busy getting ready to help make your sweetheart swoon.

From flowers to food News13’s Nicole Walters shows us ways to celebrate this Valentine’s Day.

Phones are ringing off the hook at the Floral Boutique in Stroudsburg. Employees started preparing for tomorrow’s rush for roses back in January.

Floral Designer Colleen Woolf says, "Orders are coming in so orders are being pre-done for tomorrow and then they’ll be coming in to take them out so it’s going to be nonstop."

Orders are already going out for delivery today for some lucky sweethearts. And some husbands we spoke with are playing it smart this Valentine’s Day.

Henryville Resident Duke Lindor says, "I’m going to work tomorrow so I want to make sure it’s there when she wakes up in the morning so I just don’t want to miss out on the day. And you know what happens when you miss out on the day." [Oh I do, I’m a wife myself.]

Duke Lindor of Henryville is making sure his wife receives her favorite flower to celebrate the day.

Lindor says, "It’s the peach rose so I just want to make sure I get the right stuff."

He’s been married for 20 years and has this advice for anyone out there thinking it’s ok to skip the holiday for romance.

Lindor says, "Get your flowers, don’t miss out on it because you might be on the couch later."

Employees tell us they’re open eight in the morning till seven at night tomorrow for anyone in need of a last minute Valentine’s gift.

Woolf says, "They have to look around on the floor, there’s a bunch of stuff, there’s stuffed animals, flowers and candy, whatever their preference is."

Preparations are also underway at Kasa’s Pizza for your Valentine’s Day dinner, which includes my absolute favorite dessert, chocolate covered strawberries. Hint hint to my hubby.

And the main course is definitely a recipe for love.

Owner David Buchter says, "Last year we sold 260 heart shaped pizzas and we probably think we’re going to break 300 this year."

The restaurant located on Route 940 in Paradise Township started making the heart shaped specialty about 30 years ago just for their local customers but the last five years it’s really taken off like Cupid’s arrow.

Buchter says, "We’re doing it today by order, but everything’s pretty much focused on tomorrow, we’ve been taking preorders for the past ten days."

The large pies and dipped strawberries are part of their special Valentine’s Day deal tomorrow that also includes garlic knots and heart shaped cheesecake from the Pocono Cheesecake Factory for $36.95. 

Buchter says, "All day and all night we’ll be offering this package as long as we don’t run out of anything. We think we’re going to carry into the weekend, we’re really prepping ourselves heavy."

Spreading love in Monroe County, Nicole Walters, News13.