A murder trial continues in Monroe county, 53 year old James Bidwell is charged with killing 27 year old Kristen Wagner back in 2011. He claims Wagner hung herself at a scrapyard he owned in Stroud township. officials say the two were having an affair when her body was found in June 2011, hanging from an electrical heating wire in a trailer at a scrapyard owned by Bidwell. Thursday the defense had the chance to call their witnesses .Samuel land the pathologist who performed the autopsy on Kristen's body gave a synopsis of his report from 2011. He mentions no evidence of foul play, and sites she had previous suicide attempts through drugs. In his conclusion the cause of death is hanging in the manor of suicide. 

The defense also called Robert Rede. A man who spent time in jail with Richard Gerber, Gerber is a former co worker of James Bidwell according to Rede who was on the witness stand today. Gerber's intention was to get back at James Bidwell for a deal gone wrong , so while in jail he came up with a plan to falsely accuse him for the death of Kristen Wagner.