While this hasn't been the most typical winter - the unseasonably warm weather hasn't impacted tourism in the Poconos.

The Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau says even with a lack of snow, the number of visitors hasn't slowed down at all.

Director of the Poconos Mountains Visitors Bureau, Chris Barrett, has gotten off to a red hot start in the new year.

"We are seeing very very strong growth out of the 11 tourism regions in PA. The Pocono Mountains happens to be the fastest growing region in terms of revenue and people visiting us. "

Even with a not so snowy winter - Barrett points out visitation is still soaring.

"One of the reasons we are seeing these really really strong numbers are all our places are able to make snow, and even with the warmer weather they can make snow and that makes the seasons roll right along. "

He credits the diverse offerings the area has for the spike in numbers.

" People still hike, explore the rivers, and our water parks, our 4 large water parks in monroe county are immune to any type of weather. "

But the unseasonably warm weather has created some obstacles as well.

"Weather is totally unpredictable so all you can do is plan the best you can for it and hope you can take advantage of it. "

Events like Wally Icefest had to be canceled, but tourism officials point out that also works in their favor.

"It does because people make plans to come here and spend their weekend here and then they are kinda forced to change what they are doing and they need to find out what other options are available to them. "

And with 30 million visitors last years, Barrett's confident his big investment in the Poconos will lead to even bigger numbers this year.

"As long as we continue to see the sites being kept fresh and the product being kept fresh, the service levels are very strong. So we see nothing in the future that would curb growth."