A Monroe County business owner in the west end believes she is losing part of her parking lot. Eldred Township officials are proposing to build a park on land they own, but customers currently use it to park at the Kunkletown General Store.

Township supervisors say the park will enhance her business, not hinder it, but customers don't see it that way.

"Oh, it's full in here. between people coming in for ice cream and sandwiches, you can't any place to park here." said Penny Calanadra

It's not full now, but Calandra said parking for the Kunkletown General Store in the summer is packed and would hate to see them lose much needed space. And the general store isn't the only one who uses the lot.

"You need the parking for the general store and the pub across the street." Calandra said.

The owner of the general store only owns what is macadamed. All the dirt is owned by the township, but it's used often. Mark Green said the extra space is especially important to construction crews and big trucks in the summer when coming to the general store.

"There are bigger vehicles especially the delivery vehicles especially the delivery vehicles. They wouldn't have an area to turn around in." Green said, "Plus sometimes tractor trailers get lost on these highways and there is no other access around here to turn around at."

Eldred Township supervisor Gary Hoffman was not able to meet, but tells News13 this is a big misunderstanding. He said the plans, which aren't final yet, include parking spaces for the general store. Some renderings even include additional parking across the footbridge. Tonight they are voting on an ordinance to vacate the unused road as the first step to get a new park in part of the dirt lot as well as the foreclosed property they purchased years ago.