While fears of a coronavirus outbreak have swept the nation, doctors say that shouldn't be our main focus here at home.

Despite a mild winter, flu season remains in full swing.

Whether you're staying home or traveling, health experts say the flu is a bigger concern.

"We thought several weeks ago we were seeing a decline in flu attack rates, only to find out, the last 2, 3 weeks in a row, our numbers have gone back up," said Dr. Luther Rhodes, Chief of Hospital Epidemiology & Infection Control at Lehigh Valley Health Network.

Dr. Rhodes says flu season is far from over. We're currently in a "surprise" second wave of what has been a particularly tough season for children nationwide."

"The pediatric fatality rate from influenza this year is on a pace to be a record-setting year for deaths," said Dr. Rhodes.

Fears of coronavirus have overtaken the minds of many but with more than 20 million flu cases across the country so far, and nearly 85,000 in Pennsylvania alone, health experts warn your chance of catching the flu is much greater.

"For those who haven't had the vaccine, it's still not too late to take the vaccine. We anticipate easily another two months of risk for influenza," said Dr. Rhodes.

But if you're traveling, staying informed about both viruses is important, as is taking preventative measures once you're on the go.

"Washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds as we hear the CDC recommendation, using alcohol-based sanitizers if soap and water are not available," said Theresa Podguski, director of legislative affairs at AAA East Central.

AAA has seen some disruptions in travel itineries because of the coronavirus, but says the decision to travel is ultimately a personal one.

"It's very important if you do have travel plans to be vigilant, keep informed and heed all travel advisories," said Podguski.