Grant Money is helping bolster STEM Programs in a Pike County High School

Delaware Valley High School received 11-thousand dollars to upgrade its STEM classrooms.

School officials already invested big money to improve the career tech programs this extra funding will give the students even more to work with.

Brian Blaum wants students to have options after graduating high school.

“We have 8 career tech programs that we have invested a lot of money in the last 3 years. “

Delaware Valley High School invested over 11 million dollars to bolster its career tech and STEM programs.

“All different areas that we know are going to help students whether they are college bound or not before entering the real world. “

The school just received 11-thousand dollars from the Greater Pike Foundation to stretch those dollars even more.

“They’ve been great and we can thank them enough, they’ve been generous to us over the years and all that money goes back to the students in some way, shape or form.

The money will go toward adding new equipment to the STEM Labs

“We are thinking a water cutter, it’s like a high pressured water cutter that can cut through some of the harder metals.

 But Bob Curtis admits hi-tech machinery like that comes with a hefty price tag

“We have 3 different 3D printers, we have laser engravers, we have CNC machines all things that are invaluable to run a STEM program, but they are also expensive.

And he credits the Greater Pike Foundations support over the years for giving students more tools to work with.

“Without the grants we wouldn’t be able to buy all this equipment and outfit the STEM lab as much as we have.

And for Curtis –after hearing feedback from former students – the big investment has paid off.  

“They all say how the programs here really helped them. They struggled sometimes here, but once they went to college it made things they were doing so much easier.”