Health officials are recommending canceling events and social gatherings.

But for people who want to go out to see a movie, a local theater is making adjustments.

People are avoiding movie theaters because of health officials recommendation not to be closer than six feet away from someone. But the Pocono Cinema wants you know, you’ll have that space and more.

President Courtney Tolino of Pocono Cinema says, "We’re actually limiting the number of tickets we sell. We won’t sell more than 50 percent of the tickets so you can spread out."

It’s a movie goer’s dream come true at the Pocono Cinema located on South Courtland Street in East Stroudsburg. The best seats are available and you won’t be rubbing elbows with someone you don’t know.

Tolino says, "We recommend sitting in opposite rows, sitting at least three seats apart."

Limiting ticket sales is just one of the ways the theater is hoping to make people feel more comfortable coming out with their Coronavirus concerns.

Tolino says, "We haven’t been as crowded. I think a lot of people are kind of worried, but we are doing our part to keep everyone safe."

Staff has always disinfected all of the hard surfaces both inside and outside the venue. Now they’re doing it more frequently.

Tolino says, "We’re wiping down the cup holders, the arm rests, the backs of the chairs, all of things you would touch. And then in addition to that, when you come in to see a movie, we do have wipes available that you can get one at the desk and then wipe your seat down."

So far the Pocono Cinema hasn't made any changes to their show schedules.