People in Monroe County have been ordered to stay home and non-essential businesses have been forced to close to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

But the Martz Buses in Delaware Water Gap are still traveling back and forth to New York.

Local health officials recently warned people they’re at a heightened risk for the Coronavirus if they recently traveled to that state.

PA Senator Mario Scavello of the 40th District says, "People are worried and concerned."

Scavello is receiving calls from people upset over the transmission of the Coronavirus over state lines. He tells us about 20 percent of the homes in Monroe County are owned by people living in New York.

Scavello says, "I get calls from people saying they got these people with New York plates and they’re hoarding. What they’re doing is they’re filling their vacation home that they usually visit on weekends or visit their homes all summer long."

The other complaint Scavello receives is about the Martz Buses traveling in and out of the city to Monroe County. He agrees it isn’t safe to have people traveling back in forth from our area to New York which has an excessive amount of cases. But the state government can’t do anything about it.

Scavello says, "It’s not somebody driving over a border, it’s interstate commerce and that can only be stopped federally."

The senator did find out that Martz did lay off two-thirds of his work force because people just aren’t traveling. And those who are still using the transportation system are essential workers.

Scavello says, "60 to 65 percent of the people on that bus are emergency responders, nurses and medical people that are going into New York. Now I do remember when 9/11, there was a tremendous amount of emergency responders that lived up here that went into New York, that were part of New York’s system."

We did find the buses were not full today and those willing to speak with us were required to work.

Traveler who didn't want to be identified, "I work at Montefiore Medical Center where the epidemic is really huge so we’re showing up for our patients and hoping for the best."

They tell us the city looks a lot like it did after 9-11 which means people are taking the situation seriously there too.

Traveler who didn't want to be identified, "You walk some streets and you see one or two individuals or you drive and you see just six or seven cars from 10th Avenue to 2nd Avenue so it’s kind of scary."

That’s why the best thing you can do to protect yourself is to stay home whenever you can and wash your hands constantly if you do go out.