The number of coronavirus cases have doubled in Pike County.

The county borders both New York and New Jersey where the number of cases are spiking at an alarming rate.

The coronavirus outbreak has made it tough for Ashely Biggs to do her job.

“To walk around and see everything shutdown, to see business closed, to see restaurants closed, to not even be able to get a cup of coffee has been very difficult but we are doing the best we can do. “

As a medical sales rep, Biggs travels from PA to NY and NJ daily to visit doctors.

“Being on the front lines has been tough for us there has been a lot of cancellations, but there are still surgeries happening that are good for us. “

But those neighboring states, have seen the number of coronavirus cases spike at an alarming rate.

“In Orange county there are over 500 cases and there will be many many more today."

Strub labels Pike County a potential hot bed. The number of cases of the virus has doubled in less than a day.

"A day ago we had four confirmed cases today we have nine confirmed cases and that could be even ten times that amount that we know of.

And he's urging residents to not only practice social distancing, but also be extra careful when leaving their homes.

"We recommend people wear masks whenever they go out to get gas, get groceries and we are asking for a homemade mask so we don't exacerbate the ones the medical professionals need. "

And for Strub, the virus won't magically disappear, but people can do their part slowing the spread.

"So masks are a generous thing to do. If you see someone wearing a mask you should thank them because those are the ones doing everything they can to protect the people around them.

Strub also asks anyone in the County who's been to NYC to follow the federal guidelines and self isolate for 14 days to slow the spread of the virus.