Despite stay-at-home orders, trips to the grocery store remain an essential errand.

Some may be worried about the lack of physical distancing at those stores.

If that's the case, heading to your local farm to shop could be your answer.

"With vegetables, you can't really stop. You have to plant on because they take awhile to grow so we've got to keep working here no matter what happens," said PJ Salerno, owner of Foothill Farm in Mahoning Township.

One thing the coronavirus hasn't stopped? Carbon County farms providing fresh food for their communities.

"We have a lot of jarred items like pickles, jams, jellies, relish, stuff like that and then storage crops like potatoes, onions, turnips," said Salerno.

Foothill Farm is now taking pre-orders for jarred goods, and making sure they get to customers safely.

"We set it outside for them outside the barn and they can roll up, pick it up and be on with their day," said Salerno.

Over at Spring Mountain Farms in Towamensing Township, freezers are fully stocked with a variety of meat.

"We pretty much have every cut you can ask for. Beef, pork, lamb, we got some poultry," said owner, Bill Moreton.

The farm's store is small, which makes it easy to enforce safe physical distancing.

"We're a little different than the grocery store. We don't have as many people coming through. We've got a one customer limit at a time in the store," said Moreton.

That also allows owners to clean the store between each and every customer.

"[We're] going through a whole lot of vinegar and alcohol, because everything's food so we have to be careful what we use," said Moreton.

It's a potentially safer shopping option that also provides some extra support for farmers during uncertain times.

"It's also nice to help out your local farmers because right now it's hard for them to make money so it helps us out just a little bit," said Salerno.

Owners of Foothill Farm tell News 13 at this point, they are still planning on opening their roadside stand in June.

They also have an Easter flower sale coming up which will now be done online. More information can be found on the farm's Facebook page.