Throughout all the business closures instituted by Governor Wolf, car repair shops have been allowed to stay open the whole time. Whether it's mechanical or auto body, business owners are saying they are just starting to feel the pain of economic loss.

Now that people are driving much less, there are fewer cars on the roads meaning fewer problems and crashes.

"It's just basic maintenance. Inspection, services, just keeping up on their cars." said Dennis Marunich

There are still a lot of cars waiting to be fixed at Riverside Service Center in Slatington. Owner Dennis Marunich said his business hasn't been nearly as affected as bars and restaurants, but he noticed fewer calls to his shop.

"But the phone isn't ringing as much so it did seem like it cut back a bit." he said

Buzzy's Auto Body also in Slatington said they are not seeing a decrease in business either... For now. They are concerned though that could change.

"I would say its steady. It hasn't impacted us yet. We're hoping that it doesn't. Everything is still coming through as far as the collision end of it. And people need to get their cars fixed." said manager Kory Rabenold.

Rabenold said insurance claims are still coming through, work is scheduled, and cars are still getting repaired. But an insurance adjuster told him less accidents are happening. Rabenold is also concerned people won't be coming on their own to get minor dents and scratches fixed.

"We're just a little concerned because if the collision end stops because people can't drive." Rabenold said, "Then we're concerned about the people that wanted to get their cars fixed come spring, summer time. They might say, hey we need to hold on to that money."

If your car is out of inspection at the end of March, you do not need to worry right now. PennDOT is extending the expiration date until April 30th.