There are almost 6-thousand cases of Covid-19 here in Pennsylvania and more than 70 people have died from the virus.

68 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Pike County and one person has died from the disease.

Dingman Medical Center is doing drive-thru testing and doctors say these number don’t actually reflect the amount of positive cases.

 Dr. Lisa Pathak opened up drive-thru testing at Dingman Medical Center last week – She’s already seen over 200 patients.

“We have gotten 30 positives so far with 80 still pending because it does take about 4-5 days to get the tests back. “

The patient’s symptoms ranged from a stuffy nose to a mild fever.

“That’s what’s so scary about this because most of the positives I have seen the symptoms have been very mild from what really look like allergies, a low grade fever, a scratchy throat, some sinus pressure nothing that they were too concerned with. “

Pathak points out it’s very hard to pinpoint why some patients have more severe symptoms than others.

“A lot has to with your natural immunity, age people with higher risk factors like diabetes, heart disease, older people and smokers. “

And she explains that it’s not only older people who are most vulnerable.

“We are seeing teenagers, athletes who are really good shape on respirators all over the country who are suffering from this. “

The virus is most deadly when thick mucus builds up causing the lungs to be inflamed.

“This huge reaction that fills your lungs and around your heart and that’s what really kills you. “

And for Pathak, the scariest part about covid-19, the symptoms vary so much it’s nearly impossible to distinguish from the common cold.

“It could be more sinus type of symptoms it could be allergy symptoms its really hard to tell and that is why I encourage everyone to get tested. “

Pathak says the virus doesn’t spread, it’s people that spread it. She encourages everyone to strip down when they get home and jump directly into the shower before touching anything and if they show even the mildest of symptoms, to make an appointment to get tested.