The outbreak of COVID-19 has led to the postponement of events large and small. This ranges from Birthday parties to weddings.

And with many wedding’s already booked for the summer, some popular venues in the Poconos are trying to figure out when or if those ceremonies can take place.

These uncertain times are challenging for Sarah O’Fee and Settlers Hospitality Group.

“We are working very hard to stay positive about it and see there is an end in sight and we are going to get there. “

The group operates some of the more popular wedding venues in the Poconos -where many brides to be have booked their special day months in advance.

“2020 is a big year for weddings we have a lot of brides who are really looking forward to getting married and we are here for them. These are uncertain times for all of us and we just want them to know we will help them get through this. “

While some newly-engaged couples are looking into booking a space to get married, other couples that were set to tie the knot this spring are bumping back their dates to the fall

“Of course it’s been very challenging for them even more than us, there is so much that we could do, but our heart goes out to them knowing them knowing they need to push back their weddings. “

But even with the delays, Karen Loeschorn relieved none of the couples have cancelled

“We’ve had people re-booking some of the dates going into the fall and at least half of them have re-booked to 2021.

And with the coronavirus pandemic forcing couples to shelter in place together, Loeschorn calls it a true testament if they are meant to be. 

“I say this to my son and his girlfriend all the time. If you can get through this, you can get through anything and so far all of them have. “

O'Fee says this is also a great time for couples to make their own invitations, table cards and other wedding essentials that can be taken care of from the comfort of home.