A bill has passed in the House that would allow a uniform reopening of real estate services in Pennsylvania during the pandemic.

Right now realtors from our area are having a tough time virtually selling homes.

And they know it can be done in person safely with minimal contact.

When it comes to buying a house, you can only get so much information from a video tour. Realtors say to sign on the dotted line you really have to check it out in person.

Associate Broker Lisa Sanderson of Keller Williams Real Estate says, "You don’t have scratch and sniff yet technology so I mean you walk in and it smells like cats or smoke or something like that, there’s certain things where you really need to be on site to know and have that comfort level."

Sanderson is mandated to work from home because of COVID-19.

Sanderson says, "I’ve been living here at my kitchen table trying to get people who were already under contract to the closing table and working on doing as much as we can do virtually."

But that’s hindering buying and selling homes.

Sanderson says, "A vacant listing where all I want to do is go take some video and I’m not even allowed to do that so that I can you know get some interest."

Shelter is a necessity. Realtors are finding some people are displaced.

Sanderson says, "We got families in hotels and that gets expensive."

Keller Williams Realtors are getting their sanitizers and protective gear ready, along with a plan to conduct business safely when it’s necessary to be in person.

Sanderson says, "Not meeting people in a car, meeting them at a property to show them, having the seller vacate."

Now they’re just waiting for Governor Wolf’s approval and further instruction. Yesterday a bill passed in the House that would allow the real estate industry to be considered an essential business.

PA State Representative Rosemary Brown of the 189th District says, "Sometimes transactions can take months for real estate so it’s important that they can function and they can move forward safely."

Brown tells us that 48 other states have a consideration like that.

Brown says, "Do as much as you can remotely but looking that if there’s something that needs to be shown that they do it very carefully, they do it with CDC guidelines."

The bill now moves on to the Senate to vote on and eventually will need to be signed by the Governor. Relators hope you will support them by contacting the Governor’s office.