Doctors in Monroe County are seeing significant drop in Coronavirus patients.

There are now less COVID-19 patients at both St. Luke’s Monroe Campus and Lehigh Valley Hospital- Pocono than regular patients.

President Don Seiple of St. Luke's Monroe Campus says, "At our peak, probably 70 to 80 percent of our census was Covid patients and today it’s less than 20 precent and at many times it’s only 10 percent."

A major sign of a positive change in the fight against COVID-19 is happening tomorrow at St. Luke's Monroe Campus. The tent placed in the parking lot for overflow emergency care patients is coming down.

Seiple says, "I think we’ve learned a lot in the last six weeks or so in how we’ve responded to this pandemic and we feel confident that if it does return that we have the tools and the skills now to react."

The president tells us the number of COVID-19 patients is back to levels of what they were seeing over six weeks ago and they’re continuing to decline.

Seiple says, "Definitely we’ve flattened the curve and we’re declining, we’re on the backside of that."

Doctors at Lehigh Valley Hospital- Pocono are experiencing the same thing and both hospitals are now seeing more regular patients.

LVH-Pocono Infectious Diseases Program Director Susheer Gandotra, M.D. says, "Patients with Covid have decreased and the ratio of the patients with other illnesses compared to Covid that has improved also and now we are seeing majority of patients in the hospital with non-Covid illnesses."

Another positive sign is both health organizations are able to do elective surgeries and are opening up more doctor office visits. We’re told they’ve taken measures to ensure everyone is protected against the new virus.

Gandotra says, "After taking those precautions, we felt it was appropriate to open up for more patients at this time."

Both hospital officials believe the drop in cases is a result of the physical distancing and universal masking. And had this warning:

Gandotra says, "If we put our guard down, if we do not follow the restrictions, then these cases can jump up very quickly."

Both hospitals still have visitor restrictions in place but will be re-evaluating them as the COVID-19 cases continue to decrease.