Resorts in Wayne County are getting ready for a busy holiday weekend.

Wayne County will be advancing to the yellow phase of reopening on Friday right in time for the Memorial Day rush.

But while Settlers Hospitality Group is excited to move ahead to the next stage, they still have some roadblocks standing in the way. 

Justin Genzlinger’s excited to put his foot on the gas after being stuck in neutral the last few months.

“What we really need to be is green, but yellow is the path to green so any bit of a step forward with forward momentum really helps and it motivates the staff as well. “

Genzlinger owns properties in both Pike and Wayne County including the Settlers Inn, Ledges Hotel and Silver Birches resort.

“It’s kind of hard being one operating entity with one half yellow and one half red. It paints an interesting picture for us. “

Both the Settlers Inn and Ledges hotel will be opening up for the holiday weekend, with some precautions in place to keep guests and staff safe.

“We spent the last two months setting up our gardens and picnic areas so we are just going to reimagine what it means to come to the Settlers Inn.”

But the same can't be said for Silver Birches resort, located in Pike County which Genzlinger’s frustrated is still labeled as red.

“In my heart I really want to see the counties together move to green and yellow at the same time. That’s been my position and I truly believe that it’s the right thing to do. “

Lodging will be open at Silver Birches, but many amenities won’t be available to guests.

“They can’t picnic on the grounds just yet. Hopefully we can get to the yellow phase and we can do that and they can’t go to the pool, but they can go to the lake, they can rent a paddle board or a kayak. “

And Sarah O’Fee’s grateful that at least some of the properties will be open for the holiday rush.

“Up here if you don’t make it in the summer season, you might not make it so its wonderful to see as we go into this warmer time, we moved into the yellow phase at some of our properties. “

Genzlinger says he expects to see big crowds both at the resorts in Wayne County and on the Lake in Pike County.