Wayne County is advancing to yellow while neighboring Pike is still stuck in red.

Wayne County will be transitioning to the yellow reopening phase starting tomorrow right in time for the holiday weekend crowds.

But Pike County still remains in the red with almost double the amount of positive cases necessary to move ahead to the next phase. 

It’s getting more and more difficult for Ron Schmalzle the longer this lock down drags on.

“My businesses are closed, my employees are either furloughed or working to try to have a summer, but summer is unknown right now. “

Schmalzle owns Costas Family Fun Park and with Pike County still stuck in the red, he’s not sure when or if he will be able to open.

“I think it’s really, really, challenging for every single business owner at this point in time just to think about whether they can survive and we are talking about businesses that have been around a very, very long time. “

And he’s frustrated with the matrix the Governor’s using to determine when the county can start reopening.

“I am very disappointed with the leadership of the Governor. Not for not having a plan to get from red to yellow, but not having a real plan for us to actually reopen. “

Pike County Commissioners are exploring options to speed up the process to move from red to yellow.

“We are looking at ways we can make some recommendations on what businesses can do, what businesses are willing to do in terms of sanitation, cleaning, testing of employees and all those things. “

But it’s a much different story in Wayne County, where Commissioners used the data to support advancing to the next stage.

"We credit the people for that and they did what was necessary for us to have that data."

And Brian Smith’s excited to see the economy get a shot in the arm just in time for memorial day weekend.

"This weekend is important. Alot of business hinges upon being open this weekend so while its exciting for me, its even more exciting for the business owners here. "

Pike County Commissioners are planning to host a news conference next week to make a compelling plea to the Governor to advance to the yellow phase.