Yellow is the word of this Memorial Day weekend in Carbon County.

The county will move to the yellow phase on Friday, just in time for the holiday weekend.

Many businesses will reopen to the public as the county begins to relax its COVID-19 restrictions.

But with less restrictions comes the anticipation of large crowds converging on popular spots like downtown Jim Thorpe.

"We want to make sure businesses are confident, the ones that can open tomorrow, but also their employees are confident, their customers are confident and visitors know we are ready," said Marlyn Kissner, executive vice president of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber's northern tier.

That's why county and tourism officials are taking steps to keep people safe. The visitors' center in Jim Thorpe will be open through the weekend, from 9 am to 4 pm, for bathroom use only.

Several other bathrooms and hand washing stations have been placed downtown and along the D&L Trail.

"We can't have people coming here and not have facilities for them. Because you usually have restaurants and people go in the restaurants and use their restrooms. Now they're just having take out," said commissioner Rocky Ahner.

Beaches throughout the county remain closed, but whitewater rafting companies will begin to reopen. It's fully expected out-of-town visitors will take advantage.

But county commissioners stress this is not the time to let our guard down.

"If there's signs up there and there's supposed to be three in a building or one in a bathroom, please follow the rules so we can make it to the next step," said Ahner.

And for residents who are concerned about an influx of people in the county, commissioners say your best bet is to stay home.

"If you're a resident of Jim Thorpe during tourist season what do you do on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays? You don't come to downtown Jim Thorpe. So if you apply that same principle this weekend, you'll be safe," said commissioner Chris Lukasevich.