It’s been over two months since the doors at Pleasant Valley Manor closed to visitors. But the facility has recently introduced a new way for family and friends to see their loved ones. It’s called a 'window visit.' And we had the privilege of witnessing two today.

"I love you, Mom."

It’s the second time Kim Toms is seeing her mom since visitation stopped at Pleasant Valley Manor on March 11th because of the new coronavirus. And it’s all thanks to the newly scheduled window visits.

Toms says, "With her Alzheimer’s, she really doesn’t understand but at least I get to see her and let her know that I’m still here."

While the facility has made virtual visits available thanks to donated Kindles, Toms unfortunately doesn’t have the technology to use it.

Toms says, "They’ve been very good here as far as I call get updates and they keep me updated on her progress but this is just an added thing so I can visually see her also, see how she’s doing."

Toms plans on making an appointment once or twice a week from here on out until she’s able to go inside the facility again. Unfortunately that may be awhile. But the good news is there are no new cases for either residents or staff and no deaths have occurred during the past week. According to the nursing home’s new COVID-19 update line, 18 residents remain in the isolation unit after testing positive for the virus. But over the past three weeks 42 residents in the isolation unit have moved back to the regular unit.

Rich says, "She did get the coronavirus for a couple weeks. She got better, she’s 86 and it was probably because of the doctors here she got better."

Rich is talking about his mom who he’s also visiting today for the second time thanks to the new appointments. But he’s been Skyping with her every couple days.

Rich says, "She’s got dementia so she recognizes me, we talk so yeah it’s nice."

We’re told the window visits have been a tremendous morale boost for the residents and family members but also for the staff during this difficult time. You can make your own appointment on any weekday by calling Pleasant Valley Manor.